Lobke Malfait

Afstudeerproject FOTOKUNST Sint-Lucas Academie Gent

Lobke Malfait

​​There is a deep impulse in me to use this medium to seek out, help create and visually record.

The pinnacle moment of an event, time, place, circumstance or relationship,
where everything comes together in the form of light, emotion, mood, feeling, composition, shape, form and mystery, for usually only a split second. The combination of these subtle nuances and synchronizations happens so fast I can never be sure if I truly pulled it off until close examination of the final reproduced image. There is definitely some magic involved.


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The love for Art – Kunstenfestival Watou

Kunstenfestival Watou

 Art festival Watou – Collected Stories

Between Language and Image / Collected Stories  is an exposition on the edge of language and image. The subtitle Collected Stories refers to the diversity of narratives of the different disciplines such as visual arts, poetry and literature. A selected group of curators brings a range of interdisciplinary art projects to unusual venues in the rural village of Watou.

Kunstenfestival Watou

Kunstenfestival Watou

kunstenfestival WatouKunstenfestival Watou20130705_0085Kunstenfestival Watou 2013



You are selected! Shoot it!

You are selected – Hell yeah!

This was in my mailbox today:

Congratulations! The jury has put it’s eye on your photo  and we can tell you that your picture THE FACE OF POVERTY was selected for the exhibition Go SHOOT it. This time the teme was ‘Equality’.

Exhibition : The exhibition is open to the general public of 16-28 april 2014 in the Parnassus Church. On april 30, you can admire the colorful selection on VOLTA-‘NACHT VAN DE ARBEID  in the Vooruit (Ghent).