Cuba, Looking forward

Cuba, Looking forward

Havana, cuba

Cuba, Today, Looking forward.

The legacy of Communism is still alive in the hearts and minds of the very people who underwent and still has influence on their psychological sate, as well as the economic and social situation of the country.  What is clear is that Communism has stolen many things of the people, something that is still very much in progress.
Havana Cuba
Anyone who has not experienced this, will not be able to comprehend what it was like for men, women and children out there.
The feeling is that of hopelessness, a nation that wants to break free from the shackles but simple couldn’t or can’t.
One of the biggest legacies of Communism is the attitude of the population in relation to the most important things in life. The Communist system destroyed all their sense of individuality and gave the population one entity, a group of people devoid of their own individual opinions, skills and merits. This has made the people introvert and this is still seen today, many still don’t think they can change the big picture and and that they only have their own destiny.  But with the changes that are taking place, now Cuba looking forward and is hoping for the best.

cuba looking forward


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