Fes Morocco during ramadan!

Morocco fes

Fes, Morocco

So, ive’ been to Fes, Morocco during ramadan, it’s a bit of a different experience. Fes is having many tourists a year since it’s on the unesco world heritage list, but during ramadan it’s low season. Already people in the medina in Fes are not so keen on you taking pictures. So you can imaging when it gets around 18u they get a bit nervous. By then it’s almost 15 hours people didn’t drink, eat, or smoked a sigaret, so you get a lot of angry looks. I can imaging it’s hard thing to do, especially when it’s 45 degree outside and you are slightly dehydrated. Or if you are a heavy smoker like most men are in Morocco. The polite thing to do is not to eat and smoke in plain view. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there and I did manage to snap some pictures. So, inshallah.

Fes morocco 

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The color run Brussels

color run

Color run Brussel 2014- A colorfull healthy messy happening!

color run belgie

Today we went to color run in Brussels, it was wonderful. Such an enthusiasm of the color participants, from young to old everybody really enjoyed themselves.  It’s the second time this event took place in the streets of Brussels around Tour &Taxi’s. As proven last year, this concept is hugely popular in Belgium.

No less than 15000 participants attended to walk or run the 5 km. There’s no timeline, it’s all about having fun. The participants vary in reason for running. Some color runners participate as a celebration and capstone of their healthy living accomplishments, while others participate for reasons unique for them.

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